Trifecta Retail Ventures Donates Over 54,000 Meals to Families In Need

January 11, 2021


Trifecta Retail Ventures group, the parent company of DealDash and Galton Voysey, announced that they are donating over 50,000 meals to families in need to help fight the growing hunger crisis.

This generous donation is the result of an increased focus that DealDash and Galton Voysey placed on supporting efforts to fight hunger.  Galton Voysey pledged to donate 30,000 meals to Feeding America and Feeding Hong-Kong.  DeealDash ended 2020 by matching every customer purchase with a meal donation.  This promotion resulted in 24,447 meals being donated.

“I am very proud of our Team, our customers, and our partners for making this donation possible,” said Pasi Lohi, CEO of TRV.  “When we announced our pledge of matching each purchase with a meal donation, our customers responded in a big way and the result is better than we could have imagined.”

The coronavirus pandemic  has created a hunger crisis in America where over 50 million Americans are facing food insecurity, according to statistics provided by Feeding America. Many households that experience food scarcity do not qualify for federal relief and must rely on local food banks and hunger relief organizations for support. Making the situation even more dire is the fact that 17 million of the people who face food scarcity are children.

These statistics indicate that now is the time to take action against this growing problem by shining a light on the issue and donating time and resources when possible.

With their most recent donation, Galton Voysey hopes to help to alleviate the difficult situation many families across Hong Kong and America find themselves in.

Trifecta Retail Ventures is a holding company for innovative online retail operations.

Contact information:
Pasi Lohi, CEO
[email protected]