The Business

Founded in 2009, DealDash has become the most trusted bidding fee auction site on the internet.

DealDash serves more than 20 million registered shoppers by selling brand new premium products and helping businesses move their excess inventory.

The company’s efforts to liquidate excess inventory has made it a global leader in online auctions and liquidating inventory. Since 2009, DealDash has helped move 2 million items through pay-to-bid auctions.

The company has been repeatedly recognized for its business model and customer service. In 2013, DealDash won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. DealDash also won the Best Excess Inventory Liquidation Service Award from Global Brand Awards in 2021.

DealDash can offer great deals on quality products that are available nowhere else. That’s because of its long-term relationships with suppliers, producers, and customers. A large and expanding network of suppliers throughout the country — and across the globe — prefer working with DealDash to liquidate their products from their overstocked warehouses.

The partnerships that DealDash forms with name brands and wholesalers are mutually beneficial because they promote other companies’ products and inventories while selling outside the constraints of traditional discount distribution.

Once DealDash receives those brand new products, they are auctioned off in fast-paced, no-reserve online auctions. These uniquely designed auctions help customers save 90 percent or more on their purchases.

The Customers

DealDash also feels strongly about staying in touch with customers and listening to their concerns. Understanding and responding to feedback from customers has always been a top priority for the company.

To keep customers engaged and happy, DealDash is constantly offering special deals and discounts. To help customers understand the auction process, the site offers tips on how they can improve their auction strategies. And to make sure that customers are informed about new kinds of new products and deals, the company published frequent blog posts on the DealDash Blog and hosts customer written blogs on

The Team

DealDash has a small but passionate team of 50 employees that are dedicated to giving world-class customer experience and helping the company grow along the way.

From the beginning, DealDash has placed a premium on finding and identifying smart and motivated people. That strategy has resulted in a distinctive group of employees who are always challenging each other to improve.