Galton Voysey joins forces with Trifecta Retail Ventures

May 18, 2020


Galton Voysey, a leading developer of direct-to-consumer brands is joining the growing group of e-commerce businesses owned by the UK based Trifecta Retail Ventures group.

“We are thrilled to announce that going forwards Galton Voysey will be part of our growing portfolio of e-commerce properties owned by Trifecta Retail Ventures.” – Pasi Lohi, CEO of

Galton Voysey was founded in 2014, built on the belief that the biggest brands of the next 50 years have not yet been built.

Unlike large luxury goods conglomerates who are struggling to go digital, Galton Voysey is an agile, digitally-native firm, investing in and developing brands that build and nurture relationships with consumers directly opposed to going through an inefficient, long chain of middlemen and distributors.

This is similar to the methodologies successfully used by brands like Warby Parker, Dollar Shave Club and Daniel Wellington. Galton Voysey has partnered up with, acquired, and in many cases developed from the ground up brand concepts taking them from initial idea all the way to final product and post sales service. Some of the most successful Galton Voysey owned brands include Kamikoto – a producer of Japanese steel knives, the consumer electronics brand Schultz, the designer brand Bolvaint Paris as well as The Barrel Shack, a premier retailer of rustic goods.

Galton Voysey was chosen as the #1 Best Place to Work in Hong Kong in 2019 by the Great Place to Work Institute. The company has built relationships with a large network of carefully selected manufacturers based out of select provinces in China, as well as France, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and India.

Galton Voysey has invested tens of millions of dollars in marketing to build awareness for its brands and to drive sales in more than 40 countries, being one of the top advertisers on Facebook and large print publications in select categories.

For Trifecta Retail Ventures, the owner of properties such as DealDash, this marks an exciting step towards a bigger and more diversified business.

“This is a natural step for us. We admire what the team at Galton Voysey has achieved, and we have previously worked together in many ways, for instance by acting as an inventory liquidator for seasonal goods of some of the brands they own. The companies will remain independently managed but we look forward to ever growing cooperation.” – Pasi Lohi, CEO of both Trifecta Retail Ventures and its largest subsidiary, DealDash.

“The two companies, even though based on different continents, serving different segments of e-commerce and founded during different decades, share many of the same core values when it comes to what kind of people we love to work with and how we obsess over customer satisfaction.” Says William Wolfram, the Chairman of Trifecta Retail Ventures and founder of both DealDash in 2008 and Galton Voysey in 2014.

The companies will continue to operate independently but hope to achieve more synergies over time in areas ranging from logistics to international expansion and beyond.


Galton Voysey
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Trifecta Retail Ventures
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