We Bring Sales To Your Brand

Do you want to grow your sales, but find paid marketing channels too risky, expensive, or hard to scale efficiently? Are you looking for a new channel, but are worried that using group buying or similar models are damaging to your brand or retailer relationships? Trifecta has a solution for you, contact us below!


    A Channel that Drives Sales and Awareness without Marketing Investments

    Shoppers on our platforms are willing to try out and engage with new brands and products. They spend hours actively browsing our narrow and tailored selection. Brands we have worked with have experienced growth in their existing channels after partnering with Trifecta.

    Get a Boost for Your Product Launch

    Planning on launching a new brand or a new product, but uncertain about the demand? Partner with Trifecta to reach a more cost efficient quantity for the production run. Trifecta can commit to moving a substantial quantity of your soon-to-be product.

    You’ll Be in Good Company

    Trifecta’s selection is focused on premium brands. We don’t have room for low-quality trinkets. You’ll be among brands who believe in their elegantly presented products.

    We Also Want Small Brands

    Are you just getting started and haven’t spent truckloads of money on marketing? Let us introduce the brand to our customers and drive the sales.

    We Want Durable Consumer Goods across Categories

    Electronics? Clothing? Decorative items? Tools? Art? Animal-themed novelty drinking straws? That’s up our alley. We love to introduce new products to our customers, so let us know about yours!

    By offering a limited, curated selection on e-commerce, our customers discover great deals in Trifecta’s e-commerce channels. We sell to consumers in the USA.

    Protection for the Brand

    Nothing stings like a perpetual discount on your products. It will hurt your value in the eyes of customers and your relationships with retailers. Tell us your minimum suggested retail price, and we won’t advertise your product below it. We sell to our existing customers and don’t cannibalize sales through your other channels.