We Buy Liquidation Lots

Do you need your consumer goods inventory liquidated? Turn inventory into cash in a flash! Contact Trifecta here!


    We Want Durable Consumer Goods across Categories

    Electronics? Clothing? Decorative items? Tools? Art? Animal-themed novelty drinking straws? That’s up our alley. We love to introduce new products to our customers, so let us know about yours!

    By offering a limited, curated selection on e-commerce, our customers discover great deals in Trifecta’s e-commerce channels. We sell to consumers in the USA.

    Quick Turnaround and Payment

    Once you’ve given us info about the specific goods you carry, we make an offer within 2 business days. Payment will be made in full after delivery is arranged.

    We Also Want Small Brands

    Are you liquidating inventory of small consumer brands, with very little history of advertising and brand recognition? No problem! Let us introduce the brand to our customers and drive the sales.

    We Also Want Obsolete Models

    No store will carry last year’s model anymore? We will! Any product of good quality piques our interest.

    Protection for the Brand

    The brand often continues to live despite inventory being liquidated. The brand’s owner doesn’t want to see the value dragged to the ground by widespread discounts and run-down product displays. We present the goods on neat and modern apps and e-commerce sites, and we don’t advertise discounted products on search engines.